Supervisor Tests Weekend Access to Proposed Homeless Center; Finds Distance and Transportation are Serious Issues

MADISON – Dane County Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner celebrated Mother's Day by exploring how a homeless mother might travel to a proposed Dane County homeless day services center.Her trip with infant son Lincoln in a stroller from downtown to south Madison -- normally a 10-minute drive -- was a long, wet, 3-hour trek, with no services available at her destination. Continue reading

The Daily Page - When it comes to racial disparities, policies are often worse than outright prejudice

Madison and Dane County have turned their focus to uncovering the causes of troubling racial disparities that are plaguing our communities. However, taking a look at how our own policies produce racial and economic disparities rather than blaming the problem on mere prejudice would better serve the discussion. Continue reading

Madison's Moral Imperative is to Trickle Up, Not Down

Published in The Cap Times, August 13th, 2013 Could it be? Could madison be poised for a broad push to help the most needy? Mayor Paul Soglin outlined his view recently to the Madison Rotary that the business community should make a dedicated effort to combat poverty and close the wide economic gap between white residents and residents of color. A smattering of comments accompanying press of his remarks seemed to indicate that civic and business leaders were willing to take up the cause – but the workings of a wonky city committee shine a bright light on a different cause entirely. Continue reading

Madison's Leadership out of touch with our 77 miles

Published in The Cap Times, July 22nd, 2013 Dear Editor: Madison is all aflutter after Mayor Paul Soglin proposed to enshrine a tongue in cheek motto for Madison, “77 miles surrounded by reality,” into the law books recently. While some in the community reacted in deep horror to an identity that may turn away business investment, the real reality is that Madison's leadership is deeply out of touch with its 77 miles. Continue reading

Progressive Dane says Soglin's attempt to reveal political spending didn't go far enough

By The Cap Times, published June 19, 2013, Reporter Pat Schneider  Madison needs to increase scrutiny and reporting of political spending beyond what Mayor Paul Soglin was proposing in an ordinance aimed at city contractors that was narrowly defeated Tuesday by the City Council, Progressive Dane says. "Requiring city contractors to disclose their political contributions would help ensure that the political process isn't being corrupted by entities with a financial stake in the outcome," Matt Kozlowski, treasurer of Progressive Dane, said Wednesday in a post on the local political party’s website. Continue reading

Dane County Divests from Fossil Fuels

By WMTV Madison, published on and aired on WMTV 6/6/13 Reporter: Phil Levin Activists claim Dane County may be the first in the country to pledge against investing in fossil fuels. Thursday night the board voted unanimously to keep from financial stakes in the 200 companies with the largest reserves.  The board cited environmental and global warming concerns echoed by local activists 350 Madison. Continue reading