Progressive Dane Opposes F-35s in Madison and Calls for an End to the F-35 Program

Last week, Progressive Dane members unanimously voted to oppose the siting of the F-35 fighter jets at the Truax Air National Guard Base in Madison.  While many elected officials have signed on in support of the exorbitant military boondoggle (weapons makers have deep pockets stuffed with campaign donations), Progressive Dane electeds are applying serious scrutiny and listening to local concerns about environmental impacts, noise, and excessive military spending.   Continue reading

Progressive Dane 2018 Endorsements

A sincere thank you to YOU - it was a lively discussion, but the results are in!  And now that we've had that discussion and made our decision, our job is not done!  In Progressive Dane we don't just endorse candidates, but we show up and support them!  Not just during the election, but when they are elected we continue working with them on policies supported by our platform.  That, and our local focus, is what makes Progressive Dane unique.  And our elected officials successful.  It is all thanks to YOU. YOU are Progressive Dane, Progressive Dane is YOU! Without further ado . . . here's YOUR endorsement decisions and how YOU can help our candidates! Continue reading

Ali Muldrow Wins MLK Humanitarian Award

Progressive Dane is proud to announce that Ali Muldrow was chosen to receive the 2018 City-County Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award for her work promoting peace, understanding, and improving communication and cooperation between diverse populations in Dane County. Muldrow was endorsed by Progressive Dane during her 2017 Madison School Board campaign and continues to serve on the Steering Committee where she is helping draft the first local Education Platform in our county's history. Continue reading

Candidate Answers for Spring Endorsement

On Saturday, January 13th Progressive Dane Elections Committee members were joined by members of the party to review candidate answers to our questions and ask their own questions of County Board and Madison School Board candidates.  What follows is the candidate answers and our recommendations.  The General Membership will be voting on our recommendations on Wednesday, January 24th at the Central Library (201 W. Mifflin St., 3rd floor).  Candidates or members of their campaign teams are invited to bring lit and information and speak briefly (1 minute).  Recommendations are presented as a slate and members can move to separate any race which they want to discuss.  Only members who have paid dues in the past 15 months are eligible to vote, and dues may be paid up to the time of the vote.  A 2/3 vote of the membership is required for all endorsements. Continue reading

Progressive Dane Stands with Wanda Smith

In Spring 2017, Progressive Dane endorsed Wanda Smith’s candidacy for Fitchburg City Alder based on her commitment to public service and strong record of leadership within the Fitchburg community. As Founder and President of the Peace Network, a local mental health service provider, Smith serves area youth and adults through one-on-one group workshops and seminars to equip them with the skills necessary to fulfill their potential as individuals in the community. At the Peace Network, Smith runs a homework club, which meets three times per week to provide students with academic supports, meals, and a safe environment. She also works with youth in the Middleton, Cross Plains, and Monona Grove school districts as a substitute teacher, and has mentored hundreds of youth throughout her career. As a locality that harbors some of the worst racial disparities in the country, Dane County needs to support more service providers led by people of color such as the Peace Network, and support progressive leaders like Smith, to begin counteracting the systemic racism that plagues our Greater Madison community.  Continue reading

Healthy Farms, Healthy Lakes

Two dogs died in Lake Mendota. The cause of their death isn't clear, but it is clear that the lakes are not safe for humans and animals for a large part of the year. Dane County has developed a task force to address these issues: Healthy Farms, Healthy Lakes Taskforce. The task force is planning to meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00 at the City County Building. Continue reading

PD Bylaws Updates

Boring By-laws?  Or Democracy and Transparency? No one likes to work with by-laws.  I’m guessing people read the headline and didn’t even get to the first sentence.  However, they are fundamental to the organization and help ensure that organizations are open and democratic - and that is something that Progressive Dane cares about a lot - and we should be leaders in making our organization a model for transparency and democracy!  So, to spare you the gory details, here’s a summary of the changes if you don’t want to read the whole thing!  These changes were discussed at the last two GMMs and reflect the discussions at those meetings - so it's a collective work of multiple members.  Warning:  The list below might make you think about things and prompt you to think you might have a better amendment.  That’s ok!  Just bring your amendments to the GMM!  We know our amendment suggestions aren’t perfect and welcome further discussion.   Continue reading

Smaller Class Size Matter - Take Action!

By: TJ Mertz - Madison Board of Education Seat #5 Since the Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education began work on our 2017-18 budget last November, Progressive Dane Board Members have been working to make sure smaller class sizes are a priority. On Monday June 26, 2017 (6:00 PM, Doyle Building) among the amendments the Board will be considering and voting is one that increases the allocations for classroom teachers for all schools, sets guidelines to assure that our higher poverty schools are first in line for these new positions, and increases transparency and accountability via reporting requirements. At this final stage, it is important to let the Board know you value small class sizes. There will be public testimony at the meeting, and you can always write the Board at Continue reading

Sponsor the PD 25th Anniversary Party

Progressive Dane is excited to celebrate 25 years as your local progressive political party!  We are having a party at Alder Rebecca Kemble’s house on August 25th.  There will be music, lots of food and drink, and kid's activities. PD will be reminiscing on all that we have done over the years and honoring members from decades ago, as well as our future leaders. Will you consider sponsoring the 25th anniversary party?  Your sponsorship is vital as PD looks forward to the future.  Our goals are to replenish our elections funds, kickstart issue and policy-based campaigns, and try to build up enough monthly revenue to hire part-time staff. Continue reading

PD Pick of the Week: Smaller class sizes

By: PD Endorsed School Board Member Anna Mueller Moffit The Board of Education will be considering a budget amendment that will include lower class sizes in our youngest grades at our high poverty schools, and other limits on class size (the final version will be available the week of June 19th). Small class has been a longstanding evidenced-based practice that has been highly effective for closing achievement gaps for low-income students, students with disabilities, students that are English language learners, as well as students of color. Continue reading