Citizens United Petition

The 2012 elections were the most expensive in our nation's history, but grassroots action is rising up to say no to the big money special interests drowning out the voices of regular people.

Already, 11 states and more than 400 communities around the country have gone on record calling for a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and allow limits on election spending by billionaires and corporations.

On an issue this big, the people of Wisconsin deserve a chance to weigh in.  Sign our petition calling for the Wisconsin legislature to put it to the people for a vote with an advisory referendum about Citizens United.


Dear Legislator,

It's time to get big money out of our elections. Regular people's voices are being drowned out thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens United v. FEC ruling which opened the floodgates of unlimited political spending by wealthy individuals and corporations.

Across the state and the country, people have overwhelmingly rejected the court's ruling by supporting referenda calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and related decisions.

It's time to let the people of Wisconsin decide.

Please support a statewide advisory referendum asking the people of Wisconsin to instruct Wisconsin's Congressional delegation to propose and support -- and the Wisconsin state legislature ratify -- an amendment to the United States Constitution that clarifies three issues: 1) that money is not speech; 2) that corporations are not entitled to the same rights as natural persons; and 3) that Congress and the states can limit election-related spending to ensure that all citizens, regardless of wealth, can express their views to one another and their government on a level playing field.


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