Become a Member

garden_party.jpgThere are two options for becoming a member.  You can either contribute monthly as a sustainer, or you can contribute annually as a general member. 

Additionally, Progressive Dane offers a $0 volunteer membership.  To learn more, visit our Volunteer Membership Page.

Interested in becoming a member by mail?  Send your check made out to Progressive Dane, to PO Box 1222, Madison, WI 53701.  For reporting purposes, be sure to include your legal name, residential address, and your employment information. See below for Membership Rates.

Annual Membership:

For you to become an annual member, Progressive Dane asks for modest annual dues--$36/year. Below are other suggested amounts if you have a low or student income or if you wish to give more.

Low or Student Income: $12/year

Basic: $36/year

Regular: $50/year

Contributing: $75/year

Supporting: $100/year

Benefactor: $250/year

Annual Household Membership:

More than one adult in the household? Sign each up for $25 (per person).

Basic: $50/year

Regular: $75/year

Contributing: $100/year

Supporting: $200/year

Benefactor: $500/year

Sustaining Membership:

As a sustaining member, you can make a monthly contribution to Progressive Dane by credit or debit card. Your sustaining membership will continue as long as you choose. Join as a sustaining member to give Progressive Dane a steady source of monthly income and to avoid getting yearly renewal reminders. The minimum monthly contribution is $5/month.

Low or Student Income: $5/month

Regular: $10/month

Supporting: $15/month

Benefactor: $50/month

How to join by mail:

To join Progressive Dane by mail send your check to:

Progressive Dane 
P.O. Box 1222 
Madison, WI 53701
** Be sure to include your current residential address **